Apply for a student travel pass

The Surrey student fare card scheme has now closed

Existing student fare cards will remain valid until their expiry on 31 August 2023.

This has now been replaced by the Surrey LINK card for those aged 20 and under. You can start using your LINK card from 17 July 2023.

Travelling by bus

If you are aged 20 and under and travel by bus, you can apply for the new Surrey LINK bus card. It allows 50% off single and return tickets for any journey that starts and/or finishes in Surrey.

Renew your card

Your LINK card is valid for 3 years. Please renew your LINK card by logging into your account. Renewal cards can be ordered 28 days in advance of the expiry date.

If you have any problems renewing your LINK card, please contact us via email:

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged card

Replacement cards will cost £10 and your previous card will no longer be valid.

If your card is stolen, please report it to the police in the first instance, because if you have a Crime Reference Number from the Police, we can replace your card free of charge.

If you have lost or damaged your card, please contact us via email:

Faulty card

If you card is not working, please contact us via email with the following information:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • post code
  • the card number with a brief description of the fault

Please do not bend or chip your card, otherwise you may crack part of the card that our reader needs to accept it.

For more bus passes, discounts and offers, please see: travelling by public bus to school or college.

Travelling by train

If you are aged 16 to 17 and travel by train, you can apply for a National Railcard 16 to 17 Saver. It allows 50% off single, return and season tickets. Please note: this scheme is not administered by Surrey County Council.

The National Rail 16 to 17 Saver offers:

  • 50% discount off standard anytime, off-peak, PlusBus, advance and season tickets.
  • It can be used on South Western Railways, Southern and Great Western Railway network and across the National Rail network (except on ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper services)
  • The cards cost £30 and are valid for one year or until your 18th birthday.
  • A season ticket purchased before your 18th birthday can run up to 4 months after you turn 18. For example if you turn 18 in February then you can purchase a season ticket which will still give you 50% discount for travel up until June.

To renew your 16-17 Saver, please see Renew Saver Railcard: Discover New Horizons - 16-17 Saver

For lost or stolen 16-17 Saver information, please see Lost/Stolen - 16-17 Saver

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