Educating your child at home

Information and services

Information about home education

An introduction into educating at home and our team that helps to support this as well as our policy and commitment to home educating parents.

What to consider

These guidance notes are intended to help parents who have decided to, or who are considering, educating their child at home, rather than at school.

Registering your child for Home Education

Information on how to withdraw your child from school, the first steps to take, how we are involved and how to teach your child at home.

Providing a suitable education for your child

These guidance notes will provide suggestions on different approaches to home education and how we evaluate what a suitable education is.

Home education for children with special educational needs

Information and who to contact if you believe that a school placement is not appropriate for your child and you wish to educate him or her at home.

Events and contacts for home education

Contact details and events listings for the teams and staff to support you and your child with home education.

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