Special educational needs and disability (SEND)

Information and services

Applying for a school place for a child with EHCP

Primary and secondary school admissions for children with SEND or a EHCP.

School transport

School buses, student fare cards, free transport and minibuses.

Services for children in education with SEND

Services and teams supporting children in education with SEND.

Appealing against a Surrey County Council SEND decision

Most disagreements can be resolved by talking with us, the educational setting and/or professionals who work with the child/young person.

Disagreeing with your child's school

What you can do if you are unhappy with a school that your child attends.

Preparing for adulthood

You can find information about all aspects of starting adult life, including leaving school, work, study, health and money.

Improving special educational needs and disability services

Developments to improve special educational needs and disability (SEND) services in Surrey.