Disagreeing with your child's school

If you aren't happy with anything the school does when working with your child there are several things you can do:

  • Speak with the special education needs coordinator (SENCO) or your child's form, subject or headteacher. If the headteacher isn't able to help you, contact the special educational needs governor, which every school has or the chair of the governors (contact details available from the school). The directory of Surrey schools provides school contact details.
  • Take a friend, relative or independent parental supporter to any meetings.
  • Ask to see the school's policy on special educational needs and disabilities. This will explain how the school provides education for children with SEND and also give details of its complaints procedure, if the school isn't acting in line with its policy. In addition, every school must publish on its website details of how it meets the needs of children with SEND as part of its SEN information.
  • If you are still unhappy after using the school's complaints procedure and if your complaint relates to your request for a re-assessment of your child's SEND, SEND Advice Surrey has information to help with this.
  • If you still remain unhappy, you can complain to the Secretary of State for Education. Advice on this is also available from SEND Advice Surrey.