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School admissions

Primary school application - outcome sent out

16 April 2019

Primary school admissions - respond to offer

30 April 2019

Primary community and voluntary controlled school admissions - appeals deadline

21 May 2019

Children with EHCP or SSEN

School admissions for children with an Education Health and Care Plan or a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

More about Applying for a school place for a child with EHCP or a SSEN

School map

Search for schools near you, see how far they are from your home and if they have a catchment area.

More about About our school map

Sixth Form admissions

How to select schools and how to apply.

More about Sixth Form admissions

Nursery school admissions

How to apply for a place at a state-maintained nursery

More : Nursery school admissions

Policies and reports

Copies of our policies and reports and details of our Admissions Forum

More about School admissions policies and reports