School admission appeals

Coronavirus: school appeals

In line with DfE guidance, immediate entry appeals should be heard within 30 school days of being lodged and September entry appeals should be heard according to the published timetable. These timescales are being met the majority of the time, but your appeal may be heard slightly outside this deadline due to reasons related to Covid. In line with DfE guidance, appeals are being set up as face to face hearings, but if necessary could change to remote. You will be informed if this is the case.

Other deadlines may vary as this is being looked at on a case by case basis. Details will be sent to you with information regarding when and how your appeal will be heard.

Information and services

Find your school to appeal

Search the Directory of Surrey schools to find out who to appeal to and where to get the relevant appeal form.


Your school appeal hearing

Find out when your hearing will take place; what happens on the day; what to bring and who will hear your appeal.


After your appeal

When you will hear the outcome of your appeal and what to do.


Contacts for further information on school appeals