School admission appeals

Coronavirus: school appeals

The Department for Education has issued new guidance in relation to school admission appeals which took effect on 24 April 2020.

Following discussions, Surrey County Council (SCC) has decided that school appeals will run audio appeals using a conference call system supplied by SCC. The exception to this is for multiple appeals for the same school and year group where stage 1 will be heard on paper and stage 2 by audio. Parents who have decided, or who wish to decide, for their appeal hearing to be heard on paper will still be heard in this way. This has been agreed in conjunction with SCC Legal team and is considered to be the fairest and most consistent way forward ensuring majority of appellants can participate. We are in discussions with schools to establish which schools are able to this.

Information on these pages describe the deadlines for when letters and documents will be sent and when evidence must be submitted by. Due to the Covid 19 situation, these deadlines may change. Please refer to your notification letter for individual dates and times.

Information and services

Find your school to appeal

    Search the Directory of Surrey schools to find out who to appeal to and where to get the relevant appeal form.


    Your school appeal hearing

      Find out when your hearing will take place; what happens on the day; what to bring and who will hear your appeal.


      After your appeal

        When you will hear the outcome of your appeal and what to do.