Step 1: Check if you can apply for in-year admission

Summary of this step

You must check if you can apply for in-year application, or if you should apply during the normal admissions round instead.

You can make an in-year application if you need to join a school outside of the normal admissions round.

You do not need to apply for in-year admission if your child is:

You can apply for in-year admission if:

  • you are moving house to Surrey, or within Surrey, and your child cannot continue at their current school.
  • your child is being educated at home and you want them to attend a mainstream school instead.
  • your child is currently in year 2 at infant school and you want to apply for them to move in September to a primary school that doesn't have a year 3 intake.
  • your child is already at school, but you want to move them to a different school.

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