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Childminders look after other people's children in their own home. They can provide flexible individual care in a home environment as well as linking with other services in your local community such as children's centres, toddler groups and libraries.

How do I know my child will be safe?

Childminders must be registered by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) if they look after children up to eight years old for more than two hours a day, in their own home for pay or reward.

This means they are inspected on a regular basis to make sure:

Do they have any training?

All registered childminders need to complete training which helps them understand and implement the Early Years Foundation Stage. They must also complete paediatric first aid and safeguarding training.

What age range can childminders look after?

Childminders can look after children from birth right through until secondary school, although their registration only regulates the care of children aged eight and under.

How many children can a childminder look after?

A childminder can care for a maximum of six children under eight years old, of which usually no more than three may be under the age of five, and no more than one of these may be under one (although Ofsted may grant an exception, for example, for twins). These numbers will include the childminder's own children.

Childminders can also care for additional children over eight but they will have to demonstrate to Ofsted that they can meet the varying needs of all children being cared for.

What hours do childminders work?

Childminders can offer flexible hours, either full time, part time, term time and during the school holidays, to suit you and your child's commitments.

What support is available with the cost of a childminder?

You can check whether you may be eligible for help with childcare costs via the Childcare Choices website or by using the Childcare Calculator. These can give you an estimate of how much you could get depending on your family circumstances.

You can also find details of support available to help with childcare costs on our Paying for childcare web page.

How can I find details of childminders in my area?

You can search for childminders in your area in our Childcare Finder.

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