Mole Valley Local Nature Reserves

Maps and locations are available on the GOV.UK website or the Surrey Interactive Map.

There are four Local Nature Reserves in Mole Valley, looked after by Mole Valley District Council:

Ashtead Park

An area of woodland that used to be part of the park that belonged to the manor house of Ashtead. The woodland is mainly oak and there are 2 large ponds.

Edolph's Copse

An ancient semi-natural woodland with wild service trees and small leaved lime, and a small unimproved meadow. This site lies just north of Gatwick airport.

Inholms Clay Pit

An LNR in North Holmwood that was once quarried for clay for brick making, but has now become a haven for wildlife. The site is a mixture of open grassland and young woodland. The south facing slope is particularly important for insects including the rare small blue butterfly.

River Mole Local Nature Reserve

A diverse range of plants and animals found along the riverbanks. The islands in the river are owned by the council and provide a valuable habitat for wildlife.

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