Surrey interactive map

The interactive map is currently only available within the UK.

The interactive map enables you to view Ordnance Survey and A-Z maps of Surrey and view locational information overlaid on the map.

You can find a location by entering a postcode or a road name, then display information about the area, for example the route of a public footpath.

Terms and conditions

We make every effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, the data does not constitute a legal record and we can not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on inaccurate material contained in this site. Please see our disclaimer.

The mapping included within this website is provided under licence from the Ordnance Survey and Geographers' A-Z Company in order to fulfil the function to publicise local services. It is not permitted to use the mapping on this website for planning applications. Please read the guidance on use of mapping.

If you accept the terms and conditions above, press the button below to launch the map.

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If you experience problems using the interactive map

Pop-up blockers

If you use a pop-up blocker such as the Google Toolbar or AOL 8, you may experience problems with some parts of the interactive map. Google users can add the web site to their 'whitelist' of permitted sites, or hold down the CTRL key when using the site to allow pop-up windows to open.

Internet Explorer 10

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 and experience problems using the interactive map, try clicking the "Compatibility view" button. More information on compatibility view is available on the Microsoft website.

Mac + Safari users

There is a known issue with the interactive map and the Safari browser. You may get the following error message when loading the interactive map:

"Unable to display MapService - [ERR0940] IMAGESIZE width must be greater then 0".

To resolve this issue, close the interactive map window, then go to Safari > Empty Cache and select "Empty". The interactive map should then load successfully.

JavaScript disabled

The interactive map makes extensive use of JavaScript and dynamic HTML. You will not be able to use the interactive map if you have JavaScript disabled. Please use our contact centre if you wish to access information on the interactive map but don't want to enable JavaScript. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


The interactive map is currently only available within the UK.


If you experience problems using the interactive map please contact us. To help resolve your problem include details of any error messages and information about your computer setup, including your operating system (e.g. Windows XP), web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 6) and pop-up blocking software (e.g. Google toolbar).


Map typeSupplier Date of supply
MasterMap® Ordnance Survey 01 August 2013
VectorMap Local® Ordnance Survey 30 Oct 2012
Explorer Ordnance Survey 01 August 2013
Landranger® Ordnance Survey 20 June 2012
A-Z Street Atlas Geographers' A-Z Map Company 16 March 2011

Use of mapping

  • Except for the Geographers' A-Z street atlas map, the data on the interactive map is © Crown copyright and database rights 2016 OS 100019613. Use of this data is subject to the following terms and conditions: You are granted a non-exclusive, royalty free, revocable licence solely to view the Licensed Data for non-commercial purposes for the period during which Surrey County Council makes it available. You are not permitted to copy, sub-license, distribute, sell or otherwise make available the Licensed Data to third parties in any form. Third party rights to enforce the terms of this licence shall be reserved to OS.
  • You are not permitted to copy, otherwise reproduce or download the data other than to make one paper copy for personal use ONLY.
  • Large scale maps for planning purposes can be purchased from the Planning Portal website.
  • Contact Ordnance Survey for advice if you wish to license Ordnance Survey mapping and data for your own use. From the 1 April 2010 selected Ordnance Survey datasets are available to download from OS Opendata®
  • Contact the Geographers' A-Z Map Company if you wish to license A-Z map data for your own use.

Measure distance tool

It is recommended that this tool is NOT used on the Geographers' A-Z Street Atlas.

Interactive map help

For more information on how to use the interactive map refer to the help. If you still experience problems using the interactive map please contact us.