Elmbridge Local Nature Reserves

Maps and locations are available on the GOV.UK website, or the Surrey Interactive Map.

There are five local natures reserves in Elmbridge, all looked after by Elmbridge Borough Council:

Claygate Common

A wooded area which contains trees such as oak, hornbeam, and beech. Bird species found at the site include kestrel, sparrowhawk and green woodpecker. The secondary woodland has been thinned to improve the ground flora.

Esher Common

Also a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Habitats found include heathland, grassland, scrub, woodland and areas of marsh, bog, and open water. A lot of the heathland areas have been lost to scrub and secondary woodland as there has been no grazing for several years on the common. Esher Common is renowned for its invertebrate species - over 2000 have been found on the site, of which a great number are nationally scarce or rare. These include the brilliant emerald dragonfly, the small red damselfly and the white letter hair-streak butterfly.

Molesey Heath

A reclaimed landfill site, which was formerly a gravel pit. The whole site has been colonised naturally by rough grassland and scrub. The site is rich in bird life including redshanks and little ringed plovers, plus burrowing bees and wasps.

Stokes Field

An urban fringe site with a variety of habitats including woodland, grassland and scrub. It also has a pond. Plant species of note include crab apple, cuckoo flower and pyramidal orchid.

West End Common

A Site of Special Scientific Interest heathland site, which has many boggy, wetland areas and a network of ponds. Various species of dragonfly and damselfly breed in the ponds, including the rare brilliant emerald dragonfly and the small red damselfly.

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