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Intermittent map issues

We are currently experiencing intermittent problems with the interactive map. We apologise for any incovenience caused, and are currently investigating.

If the map does not function as expected the first time you launch it, please try reloading it. On a laptop or PC, press CTRL+F5. On a tablet or smartphone, press the refresh button.

If you are experiencing issues using the map in the Edge browser, please can you try using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox (if available).

Our new countryside interactive map is now live, and can now be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The interactive map enables you to view Ordnance Survey maps of Surrey, and display information about the location on the map.

You can find a location by entering a postcode or a road name, then display information about the area, for example the route of a public footpath.

If you have location services switched on, you can use this to zoom to your location on the map. Please contact us if you wish to provide feedback on the interactive map.

What the interactive map shows

  1. A representation of public rights of way derived from the Surrey Definitive Map and Statement which is the legal record of public rights of way. It does not constitute a legal record of the alignment, status or existence of any Public Right of Way, nor should it be used for such purpose.
  2. A representation of Common Land and Town and Village Greens derived from the Surrey Registers of Commons and Town and Village Greens. It does not constitute a legal record of the extent of any of the above or any rights attached to them.
  3. A representation of land which constitutes the Surrey countryside estate. It cannot be used in place of the council's records nor as a legal record.

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Terms and conditions for using the interactive map

In addition to the Surrey County Council disclaimer, the mapping and aerial photography included within this website is provided under the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) licence in order to publicise local services. Please contact Ordnance Survey (OS) directly for advice if you wish to license OS mapping and data for your own use.

It is not permitted to use the mapping on this website for planning applications. Large scale maps for planning purposes can be purchased from the Planning Portal website.

The data on the interactive map is © Crown copyright and database rights 2021 OS 100019613. Use of this data is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are granted a non-exclusive, royalty free, revocable licence solely to view the licensed data for non-commercial purposes for the period during which Surrey County Council makes it available.
  • You are not permitted to copy, sub-license, distribute, sell or otherwise make available the licensed data to third parties in any form.
  • Third party rights to enforce the terms of this licence shall be reserved to OS.
  • You are not permitted to copy, otherwise reproduce or download the data other than to make one paper copy for personal use only. Please contact the Ordnance Survey if you wish to use OS mapping online or in print.

Open data

If you are looking for open data, it is available from:


The interactive map has been designed to comply with our accessibility statement as far as is possible within the constraints of the technology used to deliver it.


The new interactive map is built and hosted in ArcGIS Online, and uses mapping provided via the Ordnance Survey Maps API.

The Rights of Way data shown is updated on the first Monday of every month.

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