Respect all users in the countryside

Meet John and Nigel, experienced cyclists and members of the Mole Valley Cycle Forum.

In this short video taken on Leith Hill, they explain why the Surrey countryside is so good for off road cycling and the importance of sharing the space with other users. They highlight a few tips on being cycle aware including;

  • The countryside is for everyone, when spending time outdoors you will come across other users and animals. Slow down or stop for horses, walkers and livestock when driving or cycling and always give them plenty of room.
  • Check your route and local conditions.
  • Cyclists must give way to walkers and horse riders on bridleways.
  • Let the horse rider or walker know you are approaching.
  • Cyclists and horse riders should respect walkers' safety, but walkers should also take care not to obstruct or endanger them.

Read more about the Countryside Code.

Meet the countryside code champions John and Nigel

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