Member of Youth Parliament elections

The elections are underway to appoint three new Members of Youth Parliament for Surrey. Please have a read through their manifestos before you vote.

Meet the candidates


A head shot of Abi

Background and experience

My name is Abi, I come from Surrey. I'm 15 years old and currently studying for my GCSES. I've always had an overwhelming desire to change the world and do something for the better. My aim is to create a more positive and inclusive world for all young people to feel comfortable to live and grow up in regardless of their background.

Feminism Society

  • Over the past 4 years, I have run a feminism society.
  • In 2021, I helped with encouraging people to wear the colour red to support victims of gender-based violence.
  • I have set up talk spaces and boards for people to be educated of different struggles and things to do concerning gender equality.

Surrey Youth Cabinet (SYC)

  • I have been a member of SYC since November 2023.
  • I have recently joined the poverty campaign, in which we are encouraging different places to do projects where books are more readily available to young people.


Period poverty

  • More than 137,700 girls in the UK missed school due to not being able to afford sanitary products.
  • Access to information on Menstrual health is so limited due to it being a 'taboo' subject
  • The average sanitary product costs £3.
  • I would like for all young people to be able to have access to information and products regarding menstrual cycles.

Mental health

  • The number of under-18s referred to CAMHS has risen by 53% since 2019, escalating to over 1.2 million in 2022.
  • Many young people have a decline in mental health due to worries of money due to the cost-of-living crisis or academic tolls and the pressures that come with school.
  • It's crucial that young people are supported and encouraged to get speaking about struggles.

Youth groups

  • Since 2011, over 700 youth groups have been shut down with even more being closed since COVID.
  • Many young people across the country need a place away from the stresses that come with home and school, and to feel apart of a community
  • There is a greater need for youth groups for our generation. 1 in 6 young people in the UK experience a mental health problem (since 2020) and more than two million young people come from unsafe homes.
  • A youth group near them would give all young people a chance to find a place of shelter and safety regardless of background.


A head shot of Alex

Background and experience

  • Being on the Surrey Youth Cabinet, I have worked on numerous campaigns for example the book poverty drive and assisted the universal free school meal effort.
  • I have campaigned for funding from Surrey County Council towards free bus fares for students who are commuting to and from school, to ease the cost-of-living crisis.
  • Furthermore, I have inquired about funding from the council for the Guildford E-Bike Scheme.


Wider curricular education

Surveys show that young people in school want to learn more about:

  • Climate Change
  • Personal Finances
  • Real Life Skills
  • How Government Works

Equal minimum wage for under 18s

Under 18s earn £5 less (-25%) compared to 18 to 20s for identical work. This age pay gap legally allows the exploitation of child age workers.

Free school meals for all

I am a big advocate of the "Freeschoolmealsforall" campaign for government funding towards primary school lunches for every child in the UK to get a fair and equal start.

Better communication with MYP representative

Easier and more efficient communication with your Member of Youth Parliament would make it simpler for you to raise issues and promote national change; sharing your concerns at a local and national level faster.


A head shot of Evie

Background and experience

I am a Surrey young person who is passionate about politics! I'm 14, and in my school I'm the Ambassador for both Anti-Bullying and English. I am also a member of the Surrey Youth Cabinet and I've collaborated with other members on issues such as policing, the environment, sustainable water, and budgeting.

2021 to present

Model United Nations Delegate and Chairperson: I research current affairs, negotiate with other delegates to find harmonious solutions, and follow UN procedure.

2020 to 2023

Anti-Bullying Ambassador: I received training from the Diana Award. In this role, I support my fellow students to create a culture of upstander behaviour.


Climate action

Large companies need accountability and the people deserve justice because climate change affects everyone, even those currently able to ignore it. If I was elected, I would strive to work with campaigns such as Teach The Future to properly educate young people on climate issues, and press for the planting of native species.

Voting accessibility

Voting is a powerful force for change, and to ensure it is at its most democratic, I would campaign for voting reform including schemes to allow tiered voting and greater support for prisoners, disabled people, first-time voters, and low participation areas.

Fight harmful rhetoric

We live in an increasingly polarised world. It is essential for people to understand why oppression happens, how it can be combatted, and how to recognise it. I pledge to work with MPs to improve young people's knowledge in these areas through plans such as workshops or community events on critical thinking, media literacy/analysis, and identification of negative ideologies.


A head shot of Myra

Background and experience

I am Myra, an 11-year-old student from Surrey. I am honoured to be a part of the Eco Club and serve as a PSHCE ambassador at my school. As a proud young member, I strive to be an agent of change and make a positive impact on my community. I want to change Surrey for the greater good, for example I have plans to change the way our education system works. I bring more than just words to this position, I bring dedication and make sure that your opinions are not just heard but are acted upon. I am able to work under pressure and can share my ideas. I have developed the communication, teamwork and leadership skills required for this position.

Other Skills

  • Public relations
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking

2021 to present

  • PSHCE Ambassador
  • Sports Crew
  • Eco Club

November 2023 to present

Surrey Youth Cabinet Member


Tackling litter in Surrey

Litter is a global issue and I want to make Surrey the cleanest county in the United Kingdom. I aim to show people the impact that litter has on the elderly residents in Surrey. I will also show how litter does not just affect the human race but it also affects the local wildlife. I want to campaign for more bins in Surrey and to get all one-time use plastic cutlery banned.

Improving public transport

I will work to ensure that public transport is safer and more accessible to youths than it has ever been. Due to the cost-of-living crisis, tickets are becoming more and more expensive by the day, and that's why I want under 18s to have cheaper, more cost-effective tickets.

Mental health

Across the nation, mental health services are suffering due to the lack of funding. The people who need that support cannot get what they seek as the mental health support does not have the resources to help those who are under pressure. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health as it affects our attitude towards school and the way we think of others; that's why I will campaign to make mental health thrive in Britain once again.


A head shot of Oli

Background and experience

I'm Oli, a 16-year-old student from Surrey. I have a wide variety of key skills that are essential to thrive as a MYP. For example, I have great communication, leadership, and organisational skills, and as a result, I will always be able to help. I will represent young people by listening to your opinions and taking them to local councillors to discuss. I want to be a MYP to fairly represent views of the youth in Surrey and create positive change for everyone whether that is locally or nationally. Issues that are important tome range from free school meal support, cost of living support and environmental support.

2021 to present

BiteBack2030 Youth Board Member: Learnt skills include leadership, organisation, and teamwork.

2023 to present

Surrey Youth Cabinet Member: Working in partnership with Surrey County Council.


Free School Meal Funding

Free school meals (FSM) are essential to allow students to thrive at school. I aim to hold meetings with local councillors and MPs to discuss the importance of free school meals, to ensure that this is a key focus in the eyes of the government and to make FSM more accessible to those who need them. I also pledge to help improve local funding towards free school meals.

Environmental Support

I believe that in Surrey we need as much environmental support as possible whether that is conserving areas of nature and increasing green spaces for social use. I aim to do this by raising concern to both the local and county councils and MPs about this issue as it is something very important to me.


Poverty is an issue up and down the country, and that is why I pledge to raise concern and meet with councillors to ensure there is as much support to those in need. Whether that is running local food banks/drop-off points, cheaper transport and creating an equal school experience. I promise to bring awareness and fight for support to these issues as they affect so many every day.

  • Reviewed: 16 Jan 2024

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