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Surrey Youth Cabinet

Surrey Youth Cabinet is a group of democratically elected and selected young people aged 11 to 19 (or 25 if with additional needs and disabilities) representing youth participation groups and the 11 Boroughs within Surrey.

We all live, work or study within Surrey and our aim is to allow young people in Surrey to have a voice in their community and be heard at Council and Parliamentary level about issues that affect them.

The voice of young people is important to us and we would love all young people to be involved.

UK Youth Parliament (UKYP)

The UK Youth Parliament ensures that young people have the opportunity to use their voice to bring about social change on a national level. It sits with 369 elected Members (MYPs) all aged 11 to 19 who are usually elected annually through youth elections throughout the UK.

Any young person aged 11 to 19 can stand to be elected as an MYP or can vote to elect an MYP for their Borough or District.

Once elected MYPs organise events and projects, run campaigns and influence decision makers on the issues which matter most to young people. All MYPs have the opportunity to meet once a year at the UK Youth Parliament Annual Sitting and attend the House of Commons to debate and decide the most important issues to campaign on for the year ahead.

Surrey has five elected UK Youth Parliament Members (MYPs) who represent the voice and concerns of all of Surrey's young people.

Get involved

If you want to become part of a collective group of young people who work to ensure that the voice of young people and the real issues in Surrey are heard and acted upon, we want to hear from you.

Simply email, to find get in touch.

Note: Surrey Youth Cabinet lies under Surrey County Council's Children, Families and Learning Directorate, which has a unique privacy notice explaining how your personal data is used.

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