A cartoon image of a young woman is on the right of the image. She is looking at photographs of a disability signage. She is wearing a badge that reads: Please be patient, I am autistic

What is ATLAS?

ATLAS is one of the Surrey Youth Voice participation groups. Our aim is to raise our voices on important topics from the perspective of young people with additional needs and disabilities living in Surrey.

We work to tackle ableism, stigma and discrimination and we tell people running services in Surrey what we think needs to change to make them better. We also work to help people understand the diversity of disability and we add our voices to national campaigns to bring about positive change.

ATLAS groups are safe spaces for young people with additional needs and disabilities to share their experiences confidentially.

What ATLAS members say

"Participation made the most difference to my journey, I was an elective mute and now I'm off to university"

"No-one is in a box, no-one is linear."

"Disability is not a bad word."

Have your say

We would love you to join us and to hear your experiences too.

ATLAS meet once a month on the third Wednesday of every month, you can join us in person or virtually. ATLAS Autism meet on the second Wednesday of every month virtually.

We also get together for fun days out from time to time!

If you'd like to join us, please email us at or, if you'd rather not come to a group, but would like to share your experiences, you can simply email us to tell us what's worked well for you, or what hasn't been so good.

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