Children in Care - Have your say

Being looked after away from home can be a difficult and confusing time and we want you to be happy and do well while you're in our care.

The following information shows you the different ways that looked after children and young people can get their views across and be heard while being cared for.

The following video explains how a review meeting works for you.

Your review meetings - It's about your future

What is a review?

It is a meeting that takes place for all children and young people who are looked after by a local authority. The meeting lets you have your say. It gets people together to check out how things are going for you, what's worked well since you've come into care or your last meeting, what we're worried about, what we need to do to address the worries, and to see if anything in your care plan needs to change.

What is a Care Plan?

Children and young people are looked after for many reasons and each has their own care plan. This plan sets out what you need, what needs to be done to meet your needs and how you will be cared for.

Do I need to go to my review?

Yes, it is your meeting and we would like you to be part of it. How you are part of your review is your choice and needs to be what's best for you. You can stay for the whole meeting or be in a room nearby where you can hear what is being said. Or you may want someone to come with you to help you speak up. If you don't want to attend the meeting you could write down your thoughts and concerns and your social worker or someone you choose, will read out your thoughts.

Where are reviews held?

It's important that your review takes place somewhere where you will be comfortable. Some children prefer it at home, others want it in a council building or at school. You should be asked where you would prefer your review to be held.

Who else will be there?

It's your meeting, so only the people you want to be there will be invited. You can talk to your social worker about who you want to be there. Before the review all those involved in your care will be asked how they think you are getting on. The review consultation forms that they are asked to complete can be found at the bottom of this page.

When do reviews happen and how long do they take?

The first meeting will take place one month after you are first looked after and then within three months, then usually every five to six months, but they can happen more often if it's felt this is necessary. If there are any big changes, like a move to new carers you may have one then too. The time and date should suit you and the length of time depends on how much there is to talk about.

What happens at reviews?

You should talk this over with your carer or social worker before the review and you can meet with your independent reviewing officer (IRO) before the review to decide how you want to be involved. You might want to take the lead in chairing the meeting, with the support of your IRO or you might want to write things down using the participation booklet - "Let's Talk About"(PDF).

What if I don't understand something?

At the meeting you and other people there will talk about how things are going, what is working well, what you are worried about and what needs to happen next? If you don't understand what someone says you can ask them, your social worker or your independent reviewing officer (IRO) to explain.

You also have the right to make a complaint. If you don't already know how to do this you can call the Customer Relations Team on 01483 519095 or email:

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