Young Mayor manifesto

A portrait of a 17 year old white girl with light brown hair in a ponytail.

My name is Tallulah and I'm Surrey's Young Mayor for 2022 to 2023

After spending a year with Surrey Youth Cabinet and ATLAS as Deputy Young Mayor in 2021 to 2022, I've had multiple opportunities such as speaking at Surrey Youth Focus at Surrey County Council's HQ, being selected as an under-18s ATLAS ambassador, undertaking the Train the Trainer program, and being a part of the Recognising You Awards steering group. I believe that these opportunities have given me a strong foundation to undertake my duties as Surrey's Young Mayor this year.

My aims

As Surrey's Young Mayor, I aim to:

  • Actively listen and ensure young peoples' opinions/views are validated
  • Give additional support to youth via Surrey Youth Cabinet and ATLAS
  • Consider the opportunities of democracy and youth voice that young people can contribute in

Mental health

Mental health and wellbeing is a vital subject to me. I believe students in particular deserve to have a central voice in this subject. As an autistic student myself, I think that awareness should be spread on ways schools/colleges in Surrey should best support those struggling at any point during their studies. Young people should feel validated to express their mental and emotional needs in a welcoming and safe environment, instead of one that makes them feel isolated and side-lined.

Additional needs and disabilities

Creating a safe space for those with additional needs and disabilities is a subject that is very close to my heart, especially as an autistic student who has just undergone their GCSEs. From students not receiving the support that is outlined in their EHCP for them in their school/college and feeling as if their abilities are underestimated, I believe that absolutely no one should have to feel any of these emotions. The truth is that we can achieve incredible things despite our circumstances. All young people should be treated equally, including the fact that our disabilities should be valued just the same and not seen as something that should be handled.


I also want to focus on the mental health of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Being part of this community should be an environment to honour themselves and embrace their individuality, without judgment or shame. Sadly in today's society, the amount and severity of bullying and harassment regarding this subject is incredibly alarming and this undoubtedly needs to change. Being part of this community or not, it should absolutely be a place for every part of young people to be welcomed and accepted, no matter their sexual orientation.

I'm incredibly proud to fulfill the role as I strive for every single young person to feel like that they are worthy of a life that they deserve along with feeling proud and validated to unapologetically embrace their true selves and realize the power that they hold to improve Surrey in ways that would never be imaginable.

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  • Reviewed: 16 Feb 2023

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