ATLAS - What we did in October

A group of three young people looking over a fence at a theme park ride.

Visiting Chessington

On the 14 October CYA and ATLAS gave Chessington World of Adventures a visit! Some of us tried all the rides (even the scariest ones!) while others preferred to explore the zoo and sea life bits. We had a great time, and it proved to be an excellent opportunity for all of us to immerse ourselves in the festive and eerie spirit of Halloween!

  • "Chessington was so much fun thank you to the organisers!"
  • "Thanks for an amazing day everyone! It's been so lovely!"

'Pre-meet' with the Additional Needs and Disabilities Board

On the 18 of October, we have had the latest one of our 'Pre-meets' with members of the Additional Needs and Disabilities Partnership (AN&D) Board and other professionals.

Every 3 months ATLAS and members of the AN&D Partnership Board come together to discuss children and young people's views of AN&D Services in Surrey and to work on ATLAS' Action Cards. Each meeting focuses on a different theme, in October it was transport.

We've discussed the below action cards:

  • "We would like the quality and availability of public transport in Surrey to be more consistent across the county, so that we feel that there is not a 'postcode lottery' on whether our transport provision in the UK will meet our needs."
  • "We would like (Specialist) Schools to all be accessible by public transport, so that we are able to independently access education."
  • "We would like a web page/app to be created to provide all travel options available for young people in Surrey, so that we can plan our routes and make sure that the choices are accessible to us."

Young people and other professionals in the room have agreed for the following actions to be taken:

  • ATLAS to create a working group for trialling out the accessibility of the Move It app
  • ATLAS to collate apps and websites that they use for travel that have good accessibility to provide ideas and suggestions to the board
  • ATLAS and Michael Pipe Local Offer manager to work on the Local Offer together, regarding information on travel on the website
  • Potential idea is to invite someone from the Environment Transport and Highways team to an ATLAS meeting to discuss accessibility as a part of the Freedom to Travel work they are involved in, as they deal with cutting hedges, drop curves and clearing public footpaths for accessibility.

'SEND' Education Conference and Training planning with Autism by Experience

This month we had two extra meetings in addition to our regular ATLAS and ATLAS Autism meetings.

On the 3 October we had an other meeting with Autism by Experience to finalise the workshop on autism that you are going to co-deliver with them.

Then on the 22 October we had another prep meeting for the 'SEND' Education Conference where we will hold a workshop for professionals on reasonable adjustments. In the workshop we will explore the importance of reasonable adjustments from the perspective of students, and share some specific tips for adjustments that can be put in place.

"Remember: everyone is different and it's important to ask about individual preferences for the environment and also the language we use."

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  • Reviewed: 22 Dec 2023

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