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Adult Social Care Vision

"Supporting people to live their best life"

People live their best life by connecting to their communities, embracing supportive technology and accessing joined-up support and care when needed, which delivers what matters to them.

Delivering this vision will mean:

Our residents:

  • Are informed and able, or have the support, to make decisions about their lives
  • Are enabled to be active, independent and have good wellbeing
  • Are connected to their communities.

Our staff:

  • Are enabled, empowered and supported
  • Are valued and part of a modern, inclusive, nurturing workforce
  • Can continually learn and progress in their careers

Our partners:

  • All work together in a system which focuses on people's strengths
  • Are valued and respected equally, with roles complementing one another
  • Collaborate, share data and have joined up processes

Adult Social Care ambitions

  • Developing an innovative, high-quality prevention approach, underpinned by an accessible digital offer for those residents who are able to self-serve to access information and advice on demand and personalised support for those who need it
  • Transforming Surrey's reablement offer to support all people, from the community and following hospital discharge, who would benefit from personalised support to achieve their goals and to gain or re-gain skills, confidence and independence
  • Improving mental health outcomes to maximise independence for Surrey's people through better early intervention, prevention, targeted and long-term support
  • Delivering with partners modern, technology-enabled homes and accommodation models with the right care and support to enable people to live as independently as possible
  • Working together as an effective and financially sustainable system, with place-based partners and residents to co-produce services, to deliver good outcomes for people, support them to access health and social care at the right time and in the right place
  • Working in partnership to improve outcomes for young people in transition to adulthood to maximise their independence and live their best life
  • Enhancing our commitment to consistent strengths-based approaches to prevent, reduce and delay reliance on, and demand for, long-term care
  • Creating the environment for staff to develop, progress their careers and thrive in a respectful, inclusive workplace with a supportive culture.

Commissioning strategies

Commissioning is the process by which local authorities look at local needs and decide how to spend their money to get the best possible outcome for individuals and communities.

Our Adult Social Care policies, commissioning strategies and market position statements set out the desired outcomes and the approaches to achieving these.

How do we do it?

Residents, carers and partners are at the heart of our commissioning cycle. They are involved at all stages and we make sure that people's views and experiences are heard, taken into account and strongly influence how we get the best possible services: we call this co-design.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is an assessment of the current and future health and social care needs of the local community. The JSNA informs the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) which is a strategy for meeting the needs identified in the JSNA. These are needs that could be met by the local authority, Clinical Commissioning Groups or NHS England.

This refreshed JSNA follows a 'life course approach' which recognises that the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age can lead to health inequalities. Chapters are more concise and include a more visual way to look at the data which allows users to explore it in detail by selecting geographies or indicators of interest.

The JSNA is a continuous process and is updated as additional information becomes available, as gaps are identified and in response to feedback received. We would welcome your feedback and suggestions on the priorities emerging from the JSNA. Please send your feedback and suggestions to

To access the JSNA, please visit Surrey's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) on Surrey-i.

Surrey information and advice strategy

Our Surrey information and advice strategy provides the right information and advice about care and support at the right time and in the right place is a key part of our approach in Surrey.

Our strategy sets out how Surrey County Council, the NHS and other providers of information and advice in Surrey will work together over the next five years supporting residents to be aware of, and understand how to, access information and advice about care and support to help them make informed choices and take control of their lives.

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