Making a referral to adult social care

Before you make a referral

Before referring a resident to Adult Social Care, consider whether you, or the person themselves, may be able to find the information or services they need online, or if this is the right service for the person you are referring.

  1. Does your enquiry relate to housing, telecare or community transport? If yes, information is available from your local district or borough council.
  2. Could some simple equipment or technology help? Visit our equipment and technology section for more information.
  3. Are you from another local authority and enquiring about someone supported by Surrey County Council? Get in touch with one of our advisors using our live web chat.
  4. Does the person you're supporting need a befriending service because they feel lonely or isolated? A social prescribing service could help and you can refer directly to your local service.
  5. Is someone depressed and needs some early help? Visit healthy surrey for more information on mental wellbeing services.
  6. Can the person self-serve? If yes, please direct them to Surrey Information Point and Healthy Surrey for local information on care and support options. Or they could complete an online assessment themselves to find out if they might be eligible for social care support and if they will need to pay.
  7. If you are a contracted provider of services commissioned by ASC and have a query regarding payment please use our Provider Portal.
  8. If your client needs advocacy services, you can refer them directly. Please visit Referrals for Surrey Adult Advocacy Services for more information.
  9. For queries about Surrey care homes or safeguarding concerns in care homes, contact

When to make a referral

If you have established that the person you are supporting is likely to have care and support needs, or you are concerned about their safety or welfare, you can make referrals using our online tools.

To ensure we can progress quickly and efficiently, we need the information on the relevant forms below to be completed in full as much as possible.

What we do in adult social care

We aim "to promote people's independence and wellbeing, through personalised care and support that focuses upon their strengths, the outcomes they want to achieve and enables choice and control".

When we refer to strengths or a strengths-based approach, this means we are:

  • Looking at what people can do rather than what they can't do;
  • Having conversations, rather than focusing on prescribed assessment questions
  • Understanding what is most important to the person, their concerns, what they have already tried and what might be the best next steps;
  • Working with people as experts in their own lives, listening carefully to 'what matters' to them rather than 'what's the matter' with them;
  • Being creative and helping people to build upon their strengths.

Often people just need information or advice about care and support for themselves or a loved one. They are happy to then make arrangements themselves. You could provide this useful leaflet which has lots of information about how to find the right support (PDF) locally. Visit Surrey Information Point to explore options where you live.

For people who arrange and pay for their own care (self funders) we have some key information you can direct them towards.

Or maybe they just need a little help to cope in the short term and this could be provided by a local charity or community group. See our useful sources of support pages to help you know what's available.

Watch our video to see what happens when residents contact Adult Social Care and to understand our approach to supporting local residents, carers and families.

Social care is not free

Are you aware of our eligibility criteria? If yes, we provide residents with social care services, however they may need to contribute towards the cost of your care. The amount residents will be asked to pay will depend on their income, savings and expenditure.

To find out how much they will need to pay, advise residents to complete the online financial assessment.

Supporting carers

For professionals supporting carers, please use the carers' prescription service to help them access key information and support.

Files available to download

  • Care and support for adults 2019 (PDF)
    This booklet tells you about the different care options available and how to get what you need to live independently, stay healthy and connected to your community.

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