About the Surrey Adults Academy

Our vision

To create an inclusive and transformative learning and career development environment. Empowering the Adults, Wellbeing and Health Partnership workforce to unlock their full potential and provide exceptional support to Surrey residents.

To achieve our vision, the Surrey Adults Academy will be the service hub for staff development and progression.

If you are an Surrey County Council member of staff, you can find out more details from our internal SharePoint page.

Head of Surrey Adults Academy

Mary Ogunlayi

As the manager of this academy, I am thrilled to oversee a program that is dedicated to the growth and development of our entire workforce within our directorate.

Our firm belief is that by investing in the professional growth and development of our workforce, we enhance our ability to provide exceptional assistance to the residents of Surrey.

Internal staff members can find out about the rest of our team from our SharePoint page.

Mission statements

High standards

Through comprehensive support and a wide range of ongoing learning opportunities, we ensure the highest standards across the Adults, Wellbeing and Health Partnership directorate.

Continuous development

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous development, enabling our staff to achieve their full career potential.

Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

We aim to foster excellence by providing quality learning experiences that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring fair access to development opportunities for all.

Empower our workforce

To cultivate a thriving and empowered workforce, recognising and nurturing strengths and talents.

Surrey residents at the heart of our work

We prioritise keeping Surrey's residents at the heart of our learning and development design.

What we do

  • Provide accredited educational opportunities for aspiring Social Work and Occupational Therapy professionals
  • Coordinate and manage post qualifying Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) (Social Work) and Preceptorship (Occupational Therapy) programmes for newly qualified professional staff
  • Manage the Induction programme for new staff, including Practice Skills Training
  • Manage a range of post-qualifying training
  • Offer individual career planning conversations with all staff
  • Engage research in practice
  • Encourage staff to take a self-directive, person centred approach to their learning,
  • Design development opportunities in line with service and staff need. For example, Senior Readiness Programme
  • Support non-registered staff to build their knowledge, skills and experience
  • Support the skills development of external partners through the Surrey Skills Academy
  • Develop career pathways for non-registered staff

Contact us

The Adult Social Care Academy can be contacted via email at surreyasc.academy@surreycc.gov.uk

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