Drawing & Painting - Beginners & Improvers

Course intent

In this class you will learn a range of techniques and methods of drawing and painting and gain confidence through using sketchbooks, photographs, found images and direct observation. There is the opportunity to use acrylics and/or watercolour. Enjoy the well-being benefits gained through working in a friendly, creative learning environment

What will we cover?

• You will learn about colour, composition, line, tone and texture through both drawing and painting in watercolour or acrylics (or both)

  • You will begin to gain confidence in both drawing and painting by using various drawing materials and watercolour and/or acrylic painting materials
  • You will be encouraged to take part in group discussions, and you will have access to one-to-one support
  • The overall aim of the course is to help you to develop personal expression through a mixture of practice, discussion, and demonstration techniques
  • Safeguarding & British Values

Learners will be inspired by the contemporary and historical context and will need to keep a sketchbook / notebook to record ideas, processes and progress, and the feedback they receive from the tutor.

There will be demonstrations, instruction, one-to-one tutorial guidance, group discussions and critiques.

To ensure that learners make good progress with their personal learning goals, the tutor will work with the learner to complete the required Individual Learning Plan.

For courses of more than one session, you will find you make the most progress if you attend every taught lesson and complete any self-directed study opportunities provided

Who is this course for? Is there anything I need to know before joining?

For both beginners and those with some experience of painting (1 term or more) wishing to develop their skills further.

As our courses are taught in English, please contact us if you have any concerns about your level of English.

What do I need to bring to the first class? Will there be any extra costs?

• Wear older type clothing or a protective garment

  • A set of pencils of various grades (e.g. HB, 2B, 4B, 6B)
  • A sketchbook of A4 cartridge paper
  • Waterproof artists ink pen, a soft rubber and sharpener for the first session and beyond
  • Also, for future sessions - *a set of watercolour and/or acrylic paints (* If you do not have these - for new starters the tutor can recommend/discuss which ones you will need during the first few sessions)

A book of watercolour and/or acrylic paper and paint brushes suitable for your chosen media.

Learners are expected to bring their own materials and the materials and resources you will need throughout the course will be discussed at induction. Some less common or unusual materials may be brought by the tutor

What can I do when I finish the course?

To progress on to other longer courses in watercolour, acrylics or other media, to join art groups, societies or to develop further within the same class, to meet people with similar interests and to make friends.

Additional information

We welcome learners with additional needs and disabilities. When you enrol please let us know if you would like to discuss your extra support needs with a member of the Supported Learning Team who will then contact you as soon as possible. If you are enrolling within 10 days of the course start date, we may not be able to contact you before your first class. Surrey Adult Learning values and supports equality and diversity by promoting fairness and respect at all times.

How to enrol

You can't currently enrol online for this course, so please call 0300 200 1044 to express your interest or to make an enquiry for further information.

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