Courses for adults with learning disabilities (LD)

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Who are these courses for?

Our Supported Learning team offers an entry-level programme of courses for adults with learning disabilities (LD). Our courses are designed to:

  • improve communication, reading, writing, number, and ICT skillsSupported learners
  • promote community participation, engagement, and social inclusion
  • enable independence
  • develop confidence
  • enhance employability skills
  • provide opportunities to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

Some of our courses are free to learners who meet the eligibility requirements. We are also able to offer bespoke courses to organised groups.

How to enrol

Before enrolling on a course we will talk to you about your needs and interests, we call this an information, advice and guidance meeting. Before the meeting we send you an additional needs form for you to complete, this will provide us with important information prior to your meeting. It is important you are placed on the right course, whether you want to learn a new skill or maintain existing skills, so we will need to assess your English and maths starting points.

To book a meeting please contact a member of the Supported Learning Team who will let you know what information you need for the meeting. This will include evidence of any benefits you receive so we can see if you are eligible for any of our free courses.

Find out more about Supported Learning courses

You can find out more about our Supported Learning courses via the following options:

Contact the Supported Learning Team. Email or call 0300 200 1044.

Contact the Customer Service Team who can email you a copy of our current course directory. Email or call 0300 200 1044.

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Supported Learning term dates 2022/23

Autumn term, 10 weeks

  • Starts: Monday 19 September 2022
  • Half Term: Monday 24 October 2022 to Friday 28 October 2022
  • Ends: Friday 2 December 2022*

*for 31 week courses term ends Friday 9 December 2022

Spring term, 10 weeks

  • Starts: Monday 9 January 2023
  • Half Term: Monday 13 February 2023 to Friday 17 February 2023
  • Ends: Friday 24 March 2023

Summer term, 10 weeks

  • Starts: Monday 24 April 2023
  • Half Term: Monday 29 May 2023 to 2 June 2023
  • Ends: Monday 10 July 2023

Due to the bank holiday on 1 May, Monday courses will finish on 10 July.

Supported learning courses

Creative coursesPottery

These include art and craft, pottery, mosaics, textiles and woodwork.

These courses will help develop your skills in working with different materials along with your personal skills such as making choices, problem-solving and working safely.

Explore our creative courses

Exploring the past and the present

Explore, discover, and develop a greater knowledge of history. Work together to research topics and create individual or group projects.

Explore our history courses

Cookery and WellbeingCooking

Take the necessary steps needed to improve health, whilst building on communication skills. Learn to follow an accessible recipe, with or without support, to prepare different healthy dishes using different cooking techniques.

Explore our cookery and wellbeing courses

Performing Arts, Dance and Tai Chi

These courses will help you, develop confidence, fitness and communication skills. Performing Art learners have an opportunity to work towards an end of term performance.

Explore our arts, dance and Tai Chi courses

Photography coursesCamera

Build your skills through group and individual project work. Express creativity and develop photography skills, learn how to edit, save, and organise images using a digital camera and computer.

Explore our photography courses

Employability skills

Learn about key employability skills and develop confidence and communication through role play exercises and group discussions.

Explore our employability skills courses

English skills

Through a range of different courses you Writing will be supported to develop your reading, writing, communication and listening skills by taking part in group discussions and activities, building on skills for everyday life.

Explore our English courses

Maths skills

Through a range of different courses you will be supported to develop your numeracy skills to apply in everyday situations, whilst developing your communication and literacy skills.

Explore our maths courses

Enterprise and Mini-Enterprise

These courses show you how to run mini business opportunities. You will produce items for sale and learn different aspects of selling such as advertising, pricing your goods and making the sale.

Explore our enterprise courses

Other courses offered by Supported Learning

We offer lip reading courses for adults with hearing difficulties.

Enrol in our lip reading course