Household support fund

Funding has been allocated via the Department of Work and Pensions to help those families who are struggling financially in Surrey. Financial assistance will be available for food, fuel, water and other essentials, and will be distributed via organisations within the county who become aware of those families that are in financial crisis.

Funding from April 2023 to March 2024

Please note: Money from the Household Support Fund will be distributed by organisations as outlined above. It is not something individuals can apply for directly for themselves.

How the latest funding of £10.6 million will be allocated:

  • The council decided that £5.232 million of the fund would be used to enable the continued provision of food vouchers to eligible children over the Summer, Christmas and Easter school holidays, plus the three half terms in May, October and February. Read our Surrey News article on the continued provision of food vouchers for full details.
  • £29,000 will be allocated to provide Energy Support for Care Leavers.
    Surrey Crisis Fund additional support - £400,000. See our webpage about Surrey Crisis Fund.
    A contribution of £95,000 to fund the Community Helpline. See our contact the community helpline webpage.
  • £400k to Food banks, community fridges and food clubs. Visit Connect to Support Surrey and search 'Food banks' for information on Food banks in your area.
  • £85,000 to families with disabled children.
  • £100,000 to be allocated appropriately as further cost of living impacts emerge.
  • The county council is also distributing £468,000 of the Household Support Fund through some specific county wide charities to proactively try and reach as many people in need as possible, particularly targeting those charities that work with vulnerable or less well served communities. These are:
    • Age UK Surrey - Information and Advice is a local charity which helps people aged over 50+ make the most of their life. Specifically they have supported the reach and delivery of funds to older people as the take up of funds by older people is low.
    • Stripey Stork is a baby bank that will work with us to deliver support to families in need, items such as warm clothing and blankets.
    • Surrey Coalition of Disabled People helped with targeting support via their networks and members to reach people with disabilities.
    • Action For Carers will actively support carers. Many carers cannot work due to obvious care duties and find themselves in situations of poverty.
    • Transform Housing will be supporting young people on the cusp of adulthood, these young people often don't have access to support available to families
    • Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum will be utilising their minority ethnic network member organisations to reach those communities and vulnerable households that otherwise may not access forms of support.
    • Surrey Community Action through their existing 'Fuel Poverty Project' will continue to support hundreds of people through their partners and networks Including foodbanks and National Energy Action groups.

The remainder will be distributed via district and boroughs to support applications from general households separate to funding pensioners.

Find further information and guidance from the Department of Work and Pensions on getting extra payments to help with the cost of living, if you're entitled to certain benefits or tax credits.

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