Financial support

Information and services

Government support

They offer a range of benefits depending on your needs including Jobseekers allowance, Universal Credit Employment Support Allowance and Child Benefit.

Surrey Crisis Fund

The fund can provide support for immediate needs after a disaster or in an emergency, where no other options are available.

Household support fund

Funding has been allocated via the Department of Work and Pensions to help those families who are struggling financially in Surrey for food, fuel, water and other essentials.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax support

Help with Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support please can be found via your local District and Borough Council.

Help with energy bills

Tips and advice to help you save money on your energy bills this winter using council and external resources.

Carers support

There may be a number of benefits, which you could be entitled to as a carer. The person you care for may also be entitled to benefits.

Free school meal and pupil premium benefits

Pupils meeting criteria are eligible for free school meals or schools can claim a pupil privilege benefit.

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