Alleged public footpath from Little Heath Road to Burr Hill Lane, Chobham

Description and Grid References

Alleged public footpath from Little Heath Road [SU 975 626] to Burr Hill Lane [SU 975 626], Chobham

Reference number and contact details


Tel. 03456 009 009


Date of application

25 October 2019

Applicants name and address

Mrs Caroline Cooper, The Clerk, Chobham Parish Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Station Road, Chobham, Woking, GU24 8AJ

Consultations and research stage

To do

Files available to download

  • CP589 Schedule 14 application (PDF)
    Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Map Modification Order application form to add a public footpath between Little Heath Road and Burr Hill Lane in Chobham

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