Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Rights of Way Improvement Plans are intended to be the main way in which local highway authorities identify the changes that need to be made to the local rights of way network to make it more useful to the public.

The Plan is required to:

  • Refer to other relevant plans and strategies that may affect use of the network, including structure plans; local plans; healthy living; leisure; tourism; transport and community strategies
  • Assess where the existing rights of way network is considered to be deficient and where it could be changed to better reflect current needs
  • Assess the extent to which the rights of way network is accessible to blind and partially sighted people and those with mobility problems
  • Indicate how any identified deficiencies could be remedied

The Plan, which has been revised in 2014, forms part of the Surrey Transport Plan and is available to download below.

It is important to stress that, whilst it contains a plan of action, the Rights of Way Improvement Plan is not intended to provide detailed solutions to access problems in every locality, but to take a strategic approach to managing public access.

Files available to download