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This page gives information about health and social care in Surrey to help support residents.

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Connect to Support Surrey

Connect to Support Surrey is your essential directory of care and support services in Surrey and includes:

Advice and benefits

Befriending and social isolation

Carer's services and support

Dementia support

Health information

Choices on care and support

The following are resources to help residents understand the options available to them.

Mental health and wellbeing

  • Healthy Surrey has:
  • Connect to Support Surrey provides information on:
  • mental health services, groups and organisations in Surrey including:
  • there is 1 NHS mental health trust in Surrey. Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) SABP offers support to improve the mental health of local residents. Services include eating disorders, drug and alcohol and mental health
  • Surrey and Borders Partnership (SABP) run a 24 hour crisis helpline
  • Safe Havens provide a mental health crisis drop-in for you or your carer
  • the First Steps Guide is for anyone aged 18 years and above and wanting to take the first steps to improve mental wellbeing for themselves, their friends or family members. Has a:
    • range of advice, information and self help techniques
    • brief information on common emotional and mental health issues
    • details of local and national organisations that provide support
  • the Stay Alive App is a pocket suicide prevention app with information to help people stay safe. Useful if someone is having suicide thoughts or if there is a concern someone may be considering suicide
  • a free, unique mental health awareness app is available for armed forces veterans to download
  • Community Connections Surrey has three main providers who give support and activities for people needing help with their mental wellbeing
  • Sane gives emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental health through a:
    • helpline
    • text care
    • online support forum
  • Shout is the UK's first free 24/7 text service for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere
  • Rethink helps people affected by mental illness through a network of local groups and services
  • MIND gives advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem
  • the Mental Health Foundation helps people understand, protect, and sustain their mental health
  • Hoarding UK helps people affected by hoarding behaviours
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Action gives support and information to anybody affected by OCD
  • Support after Suicide Partnership is a co-ordinating hub for a UK-wide network of over 70 organisations, helping people who have been bereaved or affected by suicide
  • No Panic helps people who suffer from:
    • panic attacks
    • phobias
    • obsessive compulsive disorders
    • and other related anxiety disorders including people who are trying to give up tranquillizers
  • Mental Health and Money Advice gives support for both mental health and financial problems

Support for people with disabilities

Children's support

Resources and support

  • explore these pages to find details of safeguarding resources and information for health and social care professionals and providers
  • Patient Information Forum is a UK membership organisation and network for people working in, and involved with, healthcare information and support
  • A wide range of materials to deliver public health marketing campaigns at a local level is offered by Public Health England Campaign Resource Centre
  • Surrey-i has data from stakeholders across Surrey, made accessible to start-ups, citizens, and communities. Start-ups, residents and communities can use data from Surrey-i
  • Surrey has a 2 tier system of local government. The county council, and the 11 district and borough councils. Local councils offer preventative community support services to help people stay independent, safe and well

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