Care and support for adults

Paying for care

If we provide you with social care services you may need to contribute towards the cost of your care. The amount you will be asked to pay will depend on your income, savings and expenditure.

You or your representative will be asked to complete a financial assessment so that we can work out how much, if anything, you will have to pay.

Completing the Financial Assessment

You can complete a financial assessment now using our Online Financial Assessment tool. You can complete the assessment for your information only, or you can choose to send the details to us for verification.

Alternatively, our staff can carry out the assessment by telephone, or visit either you or your representative if they live locally.

How your assessment is calculated will depend on the type of service you receive. You will have to pay for the full cost of your care if you have savings of:

  • £23,250 or above for residential services
  • £24,500 or above for non-residential services.

You have the right to refuse a financial assessment. If you do not want an assessment or if you know you will not qualify for financial help, you will have to pay the full amount.

If you are arranging and paying for your care yourself you will be known as a 'self funder'. Please read information on arranging and paying for care yourself which we hope will be helpful and assist you with a range of queries you may have.

Where can I get independent advice?

Local organisations can offer independent advice about your financial assessment. These organisations include agencies/resources such as:

The links above will take you to organisation websites where you can find their contact information. Your local telephone directory will include contact information for these and may also provide other organisations that can help.

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