Support for parents and carers

Applying for a school place

Our school admissions section has advice on finding a school, how to apply, what to do if you apply late, in-year transfers and appealing decisions about school places.

School transport

Visit our school transport page for details of school transport, the behaviour expected from children travelling on school transport, how to obtain replacement tickets and where to check for disruption in bad weather or if there has been an accident.

Your child at school

We have information on various aspects of school life including help you can give your child, the school curriculum, attendance, exclusion, your child's records and bullying.

Complaints about schools and academies in Surrey

The majority of concerns can be resolved informally by discussing the matter with the relevant member of school/academy staff.

If you are not satisfied with the response you can ask the school/academy for a copy of their complaints policy, which will outline how to make a complaint and the steps that they will take to respond and resolve the issue.

School meals

For sample menus, how to pay online for school meals and advice on free school meals, visit our school meals page.

Children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)

We provide support for children of all ages who have special educational needs or disabilities.

For 11 to 18 year olds with complex behavioural, mental health, social and emotional needs, the HOPE service can provide specialist support to help young people with their learning and education, amongst other things.

The Family Support Programme

This Family Support Programme, helps families whose children or young people have school exclusion or attendance problems, show antisocial behaviour or have offended, as well as working age adults or young people with similar issues, who don't have access to training, voluntary work or employment.

A team of experts works with the whole family, to help them use their strengths to improve their lives.

The Surrey Virtual School

The Surrey Virtual School champions the specific needs of children in the care of Surrey County Council. It supports them in raising their education achievements by:

  • making educational achievement a priority for them
  • ensuring they have access to a good education and have every opportunity to progress and to realise their individual potential
  • monitoring the progress of every child in care and arranging support where needed
  • training and supporting schools
  • sharing effective practice with colleagues to improve attendance, school stability and address barriers to learning.

Information for parents living apart

We provide useful education information to help guide parents living apart (PDF).

Home school link workers

You can ask for help from a home school link worker (HSLW) found in most schools, if you are experiencing pressure or stress as a result of:

  • bereavement,
  • divorce,
  • debt,
  • domestic abuse,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • change of school or school attendance

HSLWs can provide support and information about extra assistance available to you.