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Your child's school has policies and guidelines governing how it's run and what's expected from pupils. These can cover a wide range of subjects including uniform, wearing of jewellery, behaviour, discipline, first aid, adverse weather, attendance and complaints.

Find out more about different aspects of the education we provide for your child and what support is available.

  • School attendance and absence – when your child should attend, support from the Inclusion Service, possible penalties for school absence.
  • School meals (including free ones) – our school meals, eligibility for free school meals.
  • Paying for school uniforms - information on ways to help pay for children's school uniforms and details of services who can provide financial assistance with meeting these costs.
  • Benefits and financial assistance for families - If you're responsible for a child there is a range of financial assistance and benefits available depending on your family's circumstance.
  • Getting to school – school transport and expected standards of behaviour.
  • After school and out of school activities – a range of activities outside of school.
  • Music lessons at school - Surrey Arts provide many opportunities for children and young people to play, learn and perform across a range of types of music.
  • Exclusion from school – when your child is sent home from school as a disciplinary measure.
  • Education safeguarding - advice given to schools on safeguarding practice and arrangements.
  • Talented and gifted children - Potential Plus UK website.
  • Dealing with bullying – help and advice.
  • Leaving school – options, including going to college or university.
  • Extra support – educational psychology, gypsy and traveller support, parents supporting others, extra help you can give to your child at school.
  • Educating your child at home – who to contact, help available and your responsibilities as a parent or carer.
  • Pupil and children's data – your child's records, access to your child's educational records, what Surrey County Council does with the data it holds.
  • School jewellery – please check your school's website for their uniform and jewellery policy.
  • Head lice – how to check for head lice and what to do if you find them.
  • Discipline – check your school's website for its discipline policy and the Department for Education guidance for further information.
  • Complaints about schools/academies – please contact the school/academy and ask for a copy of their complaints procedure.

Governors are volunteers who work with headteachers to ensure that children receive the best education possible. They are selected from a variety of backgrounds to reflect the many interest groups within our schools. Please contact your child's school to see if they have any governor vacancies.

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