Exclusion from school

As a disciplinary measure, your child may be excluded from school if found responsible for actions such as:

  • violence or threats of violence to staff or pupils
  • serious damage to school property
  • dealing in or supplying drugs
  • serious and persistent disruption to pupils' learning.

The exclusion may be for a fixed number of days, after which your child must return to school. Or it can be a permanent exclusion, in which case your child cannot return to school without approval of the school's governor's discipline committee.

Each school has its own disciplinary policy, against which your child's actions will be considered. In reaching a decision, the headteacher takes into account the Department for Education's guidelines.

The Department for Education provide further information you may find useful if your child has been excluded.

For more information on the exclusion process, contact the Exclusion Business Support team: exclusions@surreycc.gov.uk

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