Extra support for your child

We provide extra support through:

There are also ways in which parents can give extra help to their children at school.

Access to education

The access to education (A2E) non-medical service offers educational provision up to 25 hours a week short-term for young people who through exceptional circumstances cannot attend school. A highly personalised service, it is made up of academic, teaching, emotional, behavioural and social development work, mentoring and access to a virtual learning environment and other tailored elements. A2E medical service provides similar support for pupils who cannot attend school for medical reasons.

Educational psychologists

Our qualified educational psychologists work with you and your child's teachers to help if your child (pre-school or school age) is having difficulties with:

  • their learning and general development, including reading, writing, maths and communication skills
  • behaviour and managing their emotions
  • making relationships with other children and adults.

Educational psychologists may work with teachers, groups of children or individually with your child, but only after we have sought your permission. They also work with schools to provide support in more general areas including behaviour management and teaching methods. Our educational psychology team has produced guidance you may find useful.

If you are concerned about your child's progress, first speak with your school's special educational needs co-ordinator.

Gypsy and Traveller support work

Our county-wide Traveller education support team helps Traveller families find places for their children at Surrey schools. The team also works to achieve the following for children and young people from Traveller families:

  • equal and unhindered access to education
  • development and learning opportunities along with improvements in their achievements
  • support and welcome from schools and other organisations through provision of resources to them
  • an end to discrimination
  • the recognition and valuing of the culture and lifestyle of Traveller communities.

If you are a Traveller parent living in Surrey you can contact us by email at rema@surreycc.gov.uk.

Physical and Sensory Support

Physical and Sensory Support (PSS), uses specialist knowledge to support children and young people with physical, hearing, vision and multi-sensory impairment (dual impairment of vision and hearing) from the ages of 0 to 25 years of age who meet our criteria for involvement. Our Post 16 team support young people from 16 years onwards in Further and Higher Education.

PSS promotes educational achievement and social/emotional development for children and young people with vision, hearing or physical needs. To achieve this we give specialist advice and support, and provide training to children and young people, parents, schools and settings and work closely together with other organisations. If you would like to contact Physical and Sensory Support please see our key contacts page.