Speech and Language Service for children and young people


Children and young people need good speech, language and communication skills so they can listen and understand, explain what they're thinking, make good progress with their learning, and maintain friendships.

Supporting your child's speech and language skills

If you are worried about your child's speech, language and communication skills, please talk to their class teacher or school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) about the next steps.

We have produced some short videos to give families ideas to support communication skills. Please click on the links below for information and strategies:

Surrey schools' offer

All teachers and support staff use universal strategies like visual support, repetition, and word walls to help all children communicate and learn.

Schools use intervention programmes when children need extra support with their language and communication. Specialist services like Speech and Language Therapy help schools choose the right programme at the right time.

Some children need support from specialist services like Speech and Language Therapy (SLT). Every Surrey maintained school has a link Speech and Language Therapist who regularly meets with the SENCo to plan what support children and staff need from the SLT team.

Opportunities to work for us

We are a large team of qualified therapists, and experienced Speech and Language Therapy assistants, and have a strong support offer for Speech and Language Therapy students and practitioners.

Our speech and language therapy careers page has more details.

Contact us

All Surrey-maintained schools have a named Speech and Language Therapist who works with them. You can contact the team via email: speechandlanguageservice@surreycc.gov.uk

Professionals in Surrey can find more information on the Surrey Education Services Hub and can also use the Inclusion and Additional Needs Support Offer (PDF).

Other speech and language teams

Sometimes you might need a different Speech and Language Therapy service:

  • Referrals for preschool children should be made to Children and Family Health Surrey.
  • Referrals for young people who stammer or stutter or sound dysfluent should be made to Children and Family Health Surrey.
  • Children whose parents have chosen an independent school need to be seen by an independent therapist. Your school SENCo will be able to help you find one.
  • Children who live in Surrey but attend a school in another borough should still be discussed with your SENCo. If you need further support, please ask them to contact our team.

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