Education safeguarding

Safeguarding children and young people is everyone's responsibility. However, school and education staff play a unique role due to their frequent contact with children and families and the relationships that develop over time. The Education Safeguarding Team provides advice, information and guidance to education settings on their safeguarding arrangements and practice. Our aim is to support education staff with the knowledge and skills to protect every child and young person in Surrey from harm, support them to develop their potential and to create an environment where they feel safe to learn.

The Education Safeguarding Team can be contacted by email:

Who to contact if you have concerns for a child or young person

If you are a parent/carer or member of the public

If you are worried about a child please contact the Children's Single Point of Access on 0300 470 9100. In an emergency please phone 999.

If you are a parent/carer and would like advice or support about your child's education please telephone the Contact Centre on 0300 200 1004 or email:

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