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Current manager guidance

As the employee's line manager you have a responsibility towards your employee until their last day of service or until they are confirmed as successful at the end of a trial period in a redeployed role. It is good practice to keep in contact with your team member throughout their four-week trial period so you are aware of how they are getting on.

Straight away

  • Explain the redeployment process to ensure that the employee understands what will happen at the end of their notice period if they have not secured an alternative role. Give the employee the opportunity to share any concerns with you.
  • Ensure the employee is aware of the duration they are entitled to redeployment support.
  • Answer any questions about their situation that you can, or refer them to My HR Helpdesk.
  • Ensure the employee knows what support is available and how to access it using the Employee resources pages.

Throughout the redeployment period

  • Offer to go through their CV and/or application form with them and help them identify key skills and achievements. If they are unable to attend the course you can support them towards the E-Learning packages that are available.
  • Assess with the employee whether any training or additional support would be helpful to assist them in finding a new role
  • Review internal vacancies with the employee at least fortnightly and work with them to assess their suitability for alternative roles
  • Encourage the employee to submit applications for suitable positions. Ask them to consider the organisation as a whole, to broaden their job searching parameters in terms of location/travel, pay, working hours, client group or service and fixed term roles.
  • Meet with the employee on a regular basis to discuss progress and any support needs.
  • You must notify your HR Relationship team if the employee leaves for a job outside the council
  • Encourage the employee to seek feedback at each stage of the selection process from the hiring manager

Last four weeks

  • As above and
  • Talk through any arrangements for when the employee leaves
  • Complete a Leaver's form

Further information