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Equality, fairness and respect strategy

Equality, diversity and inclusion

What does it mean to us?

We want to create a working environment that celebrates and embraces difference, enables a sense of belonging and provides equal opportunity for all. Staff should feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work. Surrey should be a place where different beliefs, life experiences and backgrounds are treated equally. The residents we serve should feel respected, listened to and valued as members of our community.

In order to achieve this we need the voices and opinions of our workforce and we therefore encourage staff and especially anyone new to the organisation to join any of the networks you see throughout this handbook whether that be through personal association or allyship. You can use our intranet platforms to do so or reach out to our network leads who would welcome any interest or support.

Please see our Equality, diversity and inclusion action plan.

Meet our staff networks

Our staff networks

Early Careers Network

The network is designed for and by those in their early careers within local government, who are interested in developing their professional skills and networking with other like-minded individuals across the council.

Disabled Employees Network in Surrey (DENIS)

Disabled employees can get to know others and share best practice whilst ensuring the needs of disabled employees are heard and met throughout the council.

LGBTQ+ Staff Network

The LGBTQ+ network aims to champion the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) community within Surrey County Council; improving the working lives of all staff, while influencing positive change for the LGBTQ+ and other minority communities that rely on the services provided by the Council.

Minority Ethnic Group and Allies Network (MEGA)

The MEGA network is a safe space to voice opinions and ideas about how the Council can address the challenges that MEGA colleagues may face.

Parents Network

The Parents Network is an inclusive network for anyone looking for a community supporting parents and parents-to-be!

Staff Carers Network

The Staff Carers Network is for employees juggling working life with their caring role. Providing a platform for carers to share their experience, develop support and collaboration, whilst championing improvements to the working environment for all working carers.

Women's Network

The Women's Network is an opportunity to come together to share experiences and act as champions for gender inclusion. The network is sponsored by the Chief Executive, Joanna Killian and aims to create an inclusive space to support all genders in Surrey County Council to drive gender equality.

Interfaith Network

The Interfaith Network seeks to bring together all faith groups at Surrey County Council to connect, collaborate and collectively work together to support staff of faith.