Training and online resources for music teachers

Bespoke music training for your teachers

Surrey Arts offers a wide range of support for the training and development of school-based staff. We offer regular twilight training sessions as well as more in-depth Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days and conferences to help you find ways to better educate your students.

We also facilitate networking sessions for teachers and can offer in depth curriculum advice and support either through our own experienced practitioners or by signposting you to other organisations. For our secondary education colleagues we offer a secondary music network which hosts annual exam moderation support.

Members of our primary team can run inset sessions, model class music lessons, or anything else that could help support your teachers to deliver a broad, rich and deep curriculum. We can visit your Head Teacher or music leader to discuss how music can be developed at your school and what Surrey Arts has to offer, as well as provide practical help training the staff team with twilight sessions such as "Music for the terrified"!

Secondary support is available either from the Surrey Arts team, or by signposting you to local expertise to ensure you receive the most focused help to support you in your curriculum development.

For all key stages, we can offer advice on preparing for an Ofsted Deep Dive and share the wisdom of those who have already gone through the process.

For more information, please contact Alex Bondonno, by email:

Online music resources

Enhance your school's musical curriculum with digital resources for classroom settings. In order to give schools an informed choice about online tools, to support the music curriculum, we have been able to pilot and support some leading digital resources as follows.

Surrey Arts Interactive (Key stage 1 and Key stage 2) includes Charanga Recorder World, Percussion World, and other primary music curriculum resources.

Musical Futures: Just Play (Key stage 2 and Key stage 3) is designed to provide a vibrant curriculum approach, that engages students in whole class music making. A step by step resource supporting the development of musical knowledge and rhythmic awareness, alongside instrumental skill development.

MusicFirst (Key stage 3 to Key stage 5) is a comprehensive learning management system dedicated to music education. This combines learning management software with engaging curriculum content and powerful integrated software to help teachers monitor student progress, make lesson plans and create assignments.

Charanga VIP Studio (Key stage 2 and Key stage 3) supporting the teaching of contemporary music genres, a tool to encourage more young people to get into music. The online recording studio also turns every ordinary PC/Mac into a music computer and can be used anywhere your students can get online.

For more information on any of the above, please contact Alex Bondonno, email:

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