Music lessons for adults

Coronavirus: Surrey Arts music lessons

You can now register for music lessons. These lessons will be taught face to face in a limited number of schools or remotely online where access to schools and after school music centres are currently unavailable.

Surrey Arts are continually monitoring the situation relating to the impact of the coronavirus and are following guidance given by Surrey County Council and Public Health England. We will keep in contact with our customers by e-mail and SMS on any changes to planned activities. Please contact us by e-mail on rather than by phone if you have specific queries.

We appreciate your patience during this period and we hope to be able to resume face to face activities once the government has said it is safe to do so.

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Enrol for music lessons

You can enrol online for individual or group music lessons at our music centres or online.

If you are enrolling for music lessons at our music centres, please contact us for information on the locations, dates and times, as we are following government guidelines with regard to the opening of our music centres come September.

If you are enrolling for online music lessons, please see our guidelines for setting up online music lessons.

Surrey Arts adult enrolment

Alternatively, you can contact us to request form.

If you enrol for music lessons with Surrey Arts or if you are a member of an ensemble, we have a wide variety of instruments available for you to hire. Please note we do not hire: piano, keyboard or drums.

Individual lessons

You can learn to play the following instruments and sing at any level. To find out more about these instruments please see our webpage: instruments for hire.

  • Brass - trombone, trumpet, tuba, cornet, French horn, and flugelhorn
  • Strings - violin, viola, cello, and double bass
  • Woodwind - recorder, clarinet, flute, saxophone, and oboe
  • Piano and keyboard
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Singing

Group lessons


Piano for beginners is an informal course is aimed at beginners and is taught in small groups on digital pianos. You will learn the basics and we will support your learning so that you can progress to playing easy pieces. Once you have mastered the basics you can move on to piano improvers.

Piano for improvers is a course will enable you to build on the skills you have learnt in the beginners group, refine your technique, and broaden your repertoire.


Acoustic guitar for beginners is an informal course is aimed at absolute beginners. We will take you through the basics and support your learning with tips and techniques, so that you can progress quickly to playing popular songs. In particular, you will learn nine easy first position chords techniques to enable smooth changing between these chords (guide and pivot fingers), three or four easy strumming patterns using down strums, how to hold the pick correctly, a few easy single line riffs and useful tips on good left and right hand technique.

By the end of the course you will be able to play four or five songs, changing chords confidently and methodically, along with four or five easy, famous single line riffs.

The course is fun and relaxed and all we ask is that you bring enthusiasm and a willingness to practise at home. Ideally, you'll have your own acoustic guitar.

Once you have mastered the basics you are welcome to progress to 'guitar improvers'.

Acoustic guitar for improvers is a course aimed towards guitarists who have already been playing for one or two years. You will explore slightly more advanced strumming patterns (using up and down strums and easy syncopated rhythms), additional chord types (minor seven, dominant seven and major seven), an introduction to fingerstyle playing, and the opportunity to improvise using the Minor Pentatonic and Minor Blues scale.

You will also learn three or four famous riffs along with a repertoire of well-known songs. These songs can be suggested by the students themselves in collaboration with the tutor.

On completion of the course you will be able to play four or five new songs, with strong technique and confidence. You will also have expanded your chord vocabulary, as well as having started to improvise. There is a lot of flexibility within the course for you to explore the musical style that appeals to you most, be it rock, blues funk, jazz or reggae.

Adult guitar live is a great opportunity to play and learn with other guitarists of all abilities (but mainly beginners). This weekly workshop picks up different techniques and chords with a range of songs in a fun and relaxing environment. Guitars can be provided.


I Wish I could sing for beginners is a course aimed at complete beginners. Come and join this friendly group where you will have fun singing a wide selection of songs, including songs from the shows, old and new favourites and a few classical pieces. You will be given exercises and taught a vocal technique, that will help you with breathing and pitching so that you can sing with confidence. All are welcome. Just bring your enthusiasm and a love of singing.

I Wish I Could sing for improvers follows on from the 'I Wish I Could Sing - beginners course'. You will continue to develop your vocal technique so that you can sing more challenging, complex material. As with the beginner's course, this is a friendly group singing a wide selection of songs, including songs from the shows, old and new favourites and a few classical pieces. Just bring your enthusiasm and a love of singing.

Learn to sing - beginners - Ever wondered if you 'had a voice' and never had the opportunity to find out? Or already enjoying singing and keen to gain some skills to improve and boost your confidence? This session will include great warm- ups, exercises to learn technique and, of course, singing some wonderful songs from a range of styles. No experience is necessary, and you don't need to be able to read music to take part.

Opera appreciation is a course that introduces you to specific operas, looking in detail at libretto and orchestration, character and plot, as illustrated on DVD and CD. Detailed class discussions will encourage you to develop your critical awareness as you watch and compare different interpretations of the same opera. Alongside this, you will also explore the musical and historical context in which each opera was written and performed. Everyone is welcome to this established group, whether you are a seasoned opera lover or approaching this art form for the first time.

How much do music lessons cost?

Individual lessons

Brass, string, woodwind, drums, guitar, singing, piano and keyboard

Cost from September 2020 for a term of 10 lessons:

  • £153 (Individual, 20 minutes)
  • £219 (Individual, 30 minutes)

Group lessons


  • Cost for guitar beginners and intermediate from September 2020 for a term of 10 lessons is £110.
  • Guitar workshop from September 2020 for a term of 8 lessons is £100.


  • Cost for piano beginners and intermediate from September 2020 for a term of 10 lessons is £125.


Cost from September 2020 for a term of 10 lessons are:

  • I wish I could sing - £165
  • Learn to sing - £125
  • Opera appreciation - £160

Pay for your music lessons

Once your music lessons have been confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation. You can pay for your music lessons once you have received your invoice. If you have booked before the start of the term, invoices will be sent prior to music lessons starting.

It is important that you pay this invoice in full within two weeks of receiving it.

You can pay online using a debit or credit card, by entering your customer account number and invoice number.

Pay online for your music lessons

Alternatively, you can pay by cheque, by writing your customer account number and invoice number on the reverse of your cheque and posting it to: Surrey County Council, PO Box 738, Camberley, GU15 9LH.

Please note, you should not send any other correspondence to this address.


Once a course has begun, we will only consider refund requests in exceptional personal or family circumstances. Withdrawals for holidays, loss of interest, new time commitments and similar domestic changes will not qualify for refunds. If you wish to request a refund please contact us.


In certain circumstances, courses may have to be cancelled. The length of each course is based on a minimum number of students enrolled and financial viability of the course. If this is not achieved it may be necessary for us to either:

  • Cancel the course before the first class and provide students with a full refund.
  • Meet for the first class when students will be given the opportunity to decide whether to shorten the course hours for the same fee, transfer to another course or request a refund of fees.