How businesses can apply to the A3 electric vehicle grant funding programme

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The Electric Towns and Cities (ETCI) - Guildford Electric Light Commercial Vehicle grant scheme offers grants of £5,000 for a small and £10,000 for a large new fully electric van for businesses to switch from their diesel van. To be eligible businesses need to do at least 150 single journeys - that's approximately 3 trips a week or 12 trips a month - on the A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction.

The new fully electric vans (see electric light commercial vehicle eligible list) have to be purchased through an ETCI accredited dealer (see Accredited dealers list). Hybrids are not eligible.

You can apply up for up 10 vehicles per twelve-month period. You will need to complete one application per vehicle.

Is your business eligible?

Here are a quick few questions for you to consider.

  • Do you do at least 150 single journeys per year - that's approximately 3 trips a week or 12 trips a month - on the A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction?
  • Do you drive at least one diesel light commercial vehicle (N1 vehicle), which you have owned for at least a year? The existing vehicle does not need to be part-exchanged or disposed of to qualify for a new electric vehicle.
  • Is the vehicle roadworthy with current tax, MOT and business insurance?
  • Has your business or charity been trading for at least 2 years in the UK?
  • Have you received less than £315,000 in subsidy in the last 3 years? You can check how much subsidies you have received

Before you start your application you may wish to check out the quick full eligibility checker for you to validate your eligibility.

Eligibility checker

How does it work?

  1. Check your business or charity fit the eligibility criteria via our eligibility checker.
  2. Find a new fully electric van, from the electric light commercial vehicle eligible list, which suits your business needs. The grant can only be claimed on new vehicles at first registration. Post registration vehicles are not eligible.
  3. Find an ETCI accredited dealer or ensure your chosen dealer is accredited. You can check out the Accredited dealers list.
  4. Apply for a grant online. Please do not place an order before your application is approved.
  5. Your business application will be reviewed and approved by Surrey County Council.
  6. You will be issued with a voucher to the value of the approved grant, to take to an approved dealer. The voucher is valid for 90 days. The grant is net of VAT, taken off the full price of the vehicle only, excluding any additional services which the dealer may also provide and charge for. You will not receive any money directly, we will pay the grant to the accredited dealer on your behalf.
  7. Complete the vehicle purchase with finance, cash or lease. Vehicle must be purchased or leased on a minimum 2-year contract from an accredited dealer.
  8. Pick up your new fully electric van, fitted with its telematic device. Drive at least 150 single journeys on the A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction each year for 2 years.

How to apply?

You can apply online through our A3 EV Grant application form.

You will need to provide information and upload documents about your business. You may upload photos, scans or screenshots, including from your phone, but they must show the entire page and be clear enough to read. Files can be uploaded in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats.

Please have the following information ready when you complete the form:

  • Existing diesel vehicle – registration, V5 including Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as proof of ownership (page 2 of V5) and annual mileage
  • New vehicle – make and model
  • Evidence of existing journeys on the A3 – telematics, invoices, contracts
  • Full accounts for last 2 years
  • Company /charity registration number if applicable

By completing this form, you are applying to receive an A3 EV grant. The application will be sent to the ETCI - Guildford team for review. If you are successful, you will be emailed a voucher to take to your chosen accredited dealer. We endeavour to get this to you within 10 days of your application if complete. However, this may take longer due to high volumes of applications.

A3 EV grant apply online

What other funding options are compatible?

The Plug in Grant offering £2,500 for a small van and £5,000 for a large van, can be claimed in conjunction with the A3 EV grant.

The A3 EV grant scheme may also be compatible with the following options:

  • Finance, lease, cash on the remainder of the vehicle's cost
  • Scrappage schemes if eligible
  • Our decarbonisation loan programme (up to £25,000, up to 50% of vehicle costs) coming up in January 2024

Why go electric?

Save costs

  • No oil to change, no engine to manage, with fewer parts to wear down, electric cars are cost-efficient and easier to maintain
  • No Clean Air Zone and ULEZ charges when travelling in other towns and cities
  • Save further on fuel costs by having solar panels charging at your premises


With the extension of Clean Air Zones, the phasing out of new petrol and diesel vans sales by 2030, and all new vans being zero-emission at the tailpipe by 2035, going to EV will future-proof your business fleet.

Less air pollution

The A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction is the most polluted road in the UK, excluding London, small vans account for 15% of the traffic but 45% of the air pollution, by switching to an EV you will help make the air cleaner.

Ease of access

You will have access to Clean Air Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in other towns and cities without having to plan your route around

More efficient engine

Electric motors are 77% efficient – they get more than twice as many miles out of the same amount of energy as petrol engines*

Better driving experience

  • Electric vans offer instant torque, providing quick acceleration and smoother driving experiences. EVs also tend to have lower centre of gravity due to battery placement, meaning better stability and handling
  • EVs are quieter, so less noise pollution, and a more enjoyable drive

It's greener

  • Electric vehicles have half the climate impact over their lifetime compared to average diesel equivalent*
  • Electricity is getting cleaner all the time – less fossil fuel and more renewables used in its production

What is the telematics for?

Your new fully electric van will be fitted with a telematics unit before you pick it up from your chosen accredited dealer.

The telematic equipment will monitor the number of journeys on the A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction (and this includes if the equipment suffers a fault) for two years from the date of delivery. No other data will be obtained from the equipment.

The sole purpose of the telematic equipment is to monitor the number of journeys undertaken on the relevant section of the A3 and ensure that the unit is operating at all times.

The ETCI - Guildford team will review reports for the purposes of ensuring compliance with terms and conditions and reporting on the total number of journeys undertaken on the A3 by the new electric light commercial vehicles.

After this period, the telematics unit will cease to operate unless the applicant wishes to take over the service with the provider.

What happens if I don't do 150 single trips each year over 2 years?

If you currently do 150 single trips per year on the selected section of the A3 between the A31 to Farnham and Guildford University of Surrey junction and will continue to do so in your new vehicle, then you are eligible. If this is not the case then the ETCI - Guildford scheme is not available to you.

If you have applied, purchased a vehicle but will fail to do the 150 single trips per year due to a change in your business circumstances, please get in touch with the team immediately at to discuss a plan of action. If you continue to fail to meet this criteria you may be asked to pay back the grant.

Any further questions?

If you have any questions about the scheme or the application process after reading the information on the website, please contact

We will be holding online briefings on the grant and grant process from September 2023 – you can check and book your space into one of these via our EventBrite page when we launch in September 2023.

*Source: Electric cars are greener than petrol cars Greenpeace UK