Managing our green spaces to help tackle climate change

Land naturally tempers flooding and creates cool spots during hot weather. It is a haven that supports many biodiverse habitats and acts as a net carbon store of around 4% of carbon emissions in Surrey annually. Through improved land management landowners and managers, including Local Authorities, can enhance nature's ability to reduce flooding, provide shade and support biodiversity.

Our priorities for 2025 are:

  • Maintaining and managing woodland to lock in carbon,​ increase biodiversity and sell sustainably-sourced timber through environmental stewardship grants
  • Restoring over 100ha of grassland to lock in carbon and increase biodiversity
  • Creating new wetlands to lock in carbon and increase​ biodiversity​ through the Environmental Land Use Management Scheme and Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Increasing carbon absorption and create green corridors​ for wildlife by planting 1.2 million trees.

We will continue our commitment to plant 1.2 million trees in Surrey - one for every resident - by 2030. Our Tree Strategy sets out how we will do this and residents are also encouraged to have their say about tree locations.

Residents can help us to manage our green spaces by getting involved in local conservation through volunteering. There are regular volunteering opportunities through Surrey Countryside Partnerships.

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