Helping residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint

91% of Surrey's carbon emissions are generated from the homes and vehicles of our 1.2 million residents and 65,000 businesses. Many face significant challenges to decarbonise, but there is plenty we can all do.

Individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by changing the way they travel, shop, eat and by reducing their waste. Homeowners and landlords can create energy efficient buildings which use low-carbon heat pumps and maximise on-site renewable energy. We'll also continue to help low-income households to improve their energy efficiency and cut their energy bills by securing funding for low carbon heat pumps and installation, such as through The Green Homes Grant which recently provided £3.2 million for eligible Surrey households but this scheme has now closed to new applicants, so please visit the Action Surrey website.

We'll be supporting small and medium sized businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by offering decarbonisation loan along with a free course to help businesses calculate their carbon footprint with a free access to Climate Essential carbon calculator and set their Net Zero path. We also have a scheme offering up to £10,000 to switch a diesel van to fully electric vehicle (EV) if driven frequently on the A3 by Guildford - the A3 EV grant aims to reduce air pollution and cut businesses carbon footprint. Businesses can also help by setting ambitious climate reduction targets and offering low-carbon goods and services to residents.

We'll also continue to work with schools to encourage active travel to and from school and to empower young people to take action on climate change. Communities can also work together to improve neighbourhoods by supporting community energy, planting, active travel, sustainable commerce and carbon reduction projects. Your Fund Surrey provides capital funding for carbon reduction projects that reform communities.

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