Work in schools adult learning courses

Enrolment for autumn term opens from 10 July

Courses for September onwards will open for enrolment in July. Please sign up to our newsletter to be reminded.

  • 10 July: Enrolments open for arts and crafts only.
  • 11 July: Enrolments open for languages, dance, exercise and games, cookery and nutrition, counselling, psychology, history and culture, work skills and IT.
  • 17 July: Enrolments open for Passport to Wellbeing and Hongkongers.

About this course

Do you have a passion for education and want to make aClassroom positive impact in your community? Would you like to work in a school or learning centre for young people in a non-teaching capacity, either as a paid employee or as a volunteer? Or would you like improve your existing skills relevant to your role within a school or other learning centre?

This is the perfect place to start! Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support the learning and development of children and young people in a non-teaching role within a school or other educational setting.

We offer one day workshops and courses that run over a period of weeks for a term, three times a year. Our courses start in September and run to July. We also offer short courses at the start of summer. Applications open each term in March, July and November. If courses are full please sign up to our newsletter to hear when enrolments open again.

Course levels and application

To apply complete the application form below and we will evaluate your eligibility and skills then provide a course offer. You must accept this offer to secure your place.

Complete this application form

If you need help completing this form please

  • visit one of our centres to apply in person or
  • call us on 0300 200 1044, 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday

Eligibility criteria

Work in schools courses at Surrey Adult Learning are free for adults aged 19 or over on the 31 August 2024 who meet the following eligibility criteria.

If you are not eligible for a free course under the above criteria, you may need to pay a fee. For more information and advice please email:

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