Business, finance and marketing adult learning courses

Enrolment for autumn term 2024

  • 9am on Thursday 18 July - Enrolments open for languages, dance, exercise and games, cookery and nutrition, counselling, psychology, history and culture, lipreading, family learning, work skills and IT.
  • 9am on Tuesday 23 July - Passport to Wellbeing

About our courses

Gain essential skills and expertise to start, run and market aBusiness class small business by taking one of our comprehensive business, finance or marketing courses.

Plan to manage your business finances and avoid those common pitfalls. Succeed with practical advice and insights. Discover the secret to keeping customers and achieving long term growth. Effectively layout a digital marketing plan that works using social media and emails.

Turn your business dreams into reality.

Our short courses run over a period of weeks with regular start dates from September to July.

Enrolments open every term in March, July and November. If courses have already started you may still be able to join so please contact us.

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Course levels

We offer courses from beginners to advanced.

Small business planning and finances courses

Discounts and support with fees

We have many discounts and fee support options. These include money off your first course if you are a library member, Surrey Heritage user, or over 66.

We include a small charge in the fees. It covers the cost of materials used by tutors for demonstrations. The fee does not include the cost of materials and equipment used by learners, unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions, please ask when enrolling. We advise you not to buy extra materials for a course until your enrolment is confirmed.

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