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Enrolment for autumn term 2024

  • 9am on Thursday 18 July - Enrolments open for languages, dance, exercise and games, cookery and nutrition, counselling, psychology, history and culture, lipreading, family learning, work skills and IT.
  • 9am on Tuesday 23 July - Passport to Wellbeing

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Are you or is someone you are care about going through a period which is causing anxiety or unmanageable stress? Finding it hard to switch off negative thoughts? Would like to feel happier and more in control? Would like to feel better faster and learn strategies to cope? This course could be for you.

Our courses run over a period of weeks for a term three times a year from September to July plus short courses at the start of summer. Enrolments open each term in March, July and November. If courses have already started you may still be able to join so please contact us. If courses are full please sign up to our newsletter to hear when enrolments open again.

Course levels

These courses run weekly over a number of weeks.

Headspace - Feel Better Faster

Feel Better Faster is an interactive evening course that will be running again in 2025. A four-part series designed to help you make a change in your life or support someone you are caring for by learning mindfulness techniques, as well as ways to cope with distressing emotions and thoughts. Some of the skills and tips you will learn include how to make balanced decisions, various techniques to calm when panicked, tips to step back from your thoughts and to live by your values. With guidance and support, this workshop might be all you need to get back on track or support someone else to feel better in no time.

Headspace courses

Passport to Wellbeing Courses

The Passport to Wellbeing programme is a free programme that offers creative and wellbeing learning opportunities for those learners whose mild-moderate mental health conditions are affecting their day-to-day lives. These courses are delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment and provide an opportunity to learn new skills, achieve and have a positive weekly focus.

These free courses are separate from our main programme and are tailored to support recovery and designed to complement the learners' existing therapeutic, self-care and medical treatments.

Social anxieties, depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), low mood, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or phobias are typical examples of mild-moderate mental health conditions that a variety of people experience every day and are exactly the type of conditions our Passport to Wellbeing learners are managing. It is often helpful to participate in something new with others that you can identify with and to have the reassurance that your tutor will be patient and understanding.

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Discounts and support with fees

We have a range of discounts and support with fees available, including money off your first course if you are a library member, a Surrey Heritage user, or over the age of 66.

Please note: A small charge is included in the fees to cover the cost of materials used by tutors for demonstrations. The cost of materials and equipment used by learners is not included in the fee unless stated, please enquire when enrolling. It is not advisable to purchase additional materials for a course until your enrolment is confirmed and the course is running.we

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