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The Surrey Educational Psychology Service helps young people in their educational setting, home and community. We work with children and young people, their families and professionals to understand what is happening, develop empathy and agree effective support to enable children to thrive in their local communities. We use psychology to support those working closely with our vulnerable learners to gain a thorough understanding of their strengths and needs, and look at how we might change the environment to help that child.

Through responsive, respectful and supportive relationships with children, families and professionals, we seek to understand the views, perspectives and experiences of those we work with and to empower others to support children and young people to be their best selves. We also work closely with schools to see how systems and policies within schools can be improved to better support children. We know that by developing the skills, knowledge and resilience of professionals who work with children we can empower young people to go on to be independent, ambitious leaners.

Educational Psychologists in Surrey have access to an excellent professional development programme. Our staff are able to grow their careers while benefiting from the flexibility and variety of work here in Surrey.

Meet Becci Best- an Educational Psychologist

I'm an Educational Psychologist working mainly in schools, but also nurseries and colleges in Surrey. We tend to get involved with young people when things feel a bit stuck, and the staff or families are looking for a bit of additional support and guidance. We work with the adults who know the child best to gain a thorough understanding of their strengths and needs, and look at how we might change the environment to help that child. But we also work more systemically. We look at how we can change structures and systems and policies within schools to better support children, and we also provide professional development for their staff as well. So, we have quite a broad sphere of work, and can be involved with an individual, group or on a wider whole school level as well.
My favourite part of my job is when I get to be with and see children and young people in whatever capacity. So, I love being in a classroom and I love working collecting pupil views and bringing their voices through whatever work I do, and really advocating for the child. That's a huge part of our role, and that's my favourite thing about my job. That's why I'm in it.

Something else I love about my job is being able to influence thinking, so that then other people can make really positive change for children. Because ultimately, we're not involved with children every day, we're not seeing them weekly, we're just in on a few occasions. So actually being able to really facilitate positive change in the people that are supporting that child – so the teachers and the family – and helping them just shift their thinking or deepen their understanding. That's what has a long-term impact, and that's one of the most satisfying things, as well. Because if you can do that, then that's got much greater longevity moving forward as well.

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