Other marriage and civil partnership information

Information and services

Giving notice

Including who can give notice, when and where you can give notice, and the documents required and the fees involved.

Music and readings

Personalise your ceremony with music and readings.

Choice of legal wording

Choose the declaratory and contracting words to be used in your ceremony.

Copy certificates

How to get a certified copy of a birth, death or marriage entry online, by post, by telephone or in person

Civil partnership without a ceremony

You and your partner can sign a civil partnership document in the presence of two witnesses and a registrar.

Changing your name on your passport

How you go about changing your name on your passport.

Marriage in a church or other religious building

If you would like a religious marriage ceremony, you can get married in an Anglican Church or any other church or religious building registered for marriage.

Civil partnership to marriage conversion

You are able to convert a civil partnership to a marriage by completing a declaration before a superintendent registrar, with all the required documents.

Urgent Marriage or Civil Partnership

Urgent marriage or civil partnership (Registrar General's Licence) is when the Registrar General can authorise marriages or civil partnerships to take place at short notice in circumstances where one of the parties is seriously ill, not expected to recover and cannot be moved.

Marriage and civil partnership of housebound or detained persons

Under the Marriage and Civil Partnership Act it is possible to hold a marriage or civil partnership in a place where a person is housebound or detained if they are unable to be moved.


For a marriage or civil partnership overseas, you will need to find out what procedures are required by the local authorities in the country you have chosen, in order to ensure your marriage or civil partnership is legal.

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