Your wedding

Information and services

Step 1: Choose a marriage or civil partnership

The first step is to decide whether you want a marriage or civil partnership.

Step 2: Choose your perfect ceremony venue

Choose from one of our three register offices, or over a hundred licensed venues.

Step 3: Choose your bespoke ceremony option

Once you have chosen your venue, we have bespoke ceremony options to suit every couple and budget.

Step 4: Book your ceremony

Once you have decided on your venue and bespoke ceremony option, you can book your ceremony.

Step 5: Give notice of marriage or civil partnership

Book an appointment to complete the legal paperwork.

Step 6: Personalise your ceremony

Make your ceremony memorable and meaningful to you.

Step 7: On your special day

Important information for your special day and the necessary preparations you should consider.

Our bookings terms and conditions

Marriage and civil partnership terms and conditions relating to fees, amendments and cancellations, code of conduct, room capacity and more.

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