Safeguarding in adult learning

Are you concerned? A brief explanation about different types of abuse or harm

Do you know someone who is being treated badly, taken advantage of or hurt?

Physical harm

No one should touch you in a way that physically hurts, such as hitting, pushing or kicking.

Sexual harm

No one should touch you in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable or upset. No one should make suggestive, sexual remarks to you.

Emotional harm

No one should upset your feelings by bullying you by taunting, teasing or making belittling remarks.


No one should force you to hand over money or possessions. Stealing is a criminal offence.


No one should be treated badly because of their difference in age, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion.


If you are looked after by a carer, he/she should not neglect or ignore you.

Domestic abuse

No one should suffer controlling, threatening or violent behaviour from a family member or partner.


No one should cause you harm or worry you when you are using the internet or any other electronic communication method such as your mobile phone or social networking sites.


No one should be persuaded to carry out acts of violent extremism or terrorism.

Are you worried about any of the above?

Please contact one of the SAL safeguarding team:

  • Sarah French, 07977 425168
  • Chrissie Walsh, 07968 833357
  • Louise Williamson, 07970 276055
  • Lisa Woodward, 07968 832445

Or speak directly to the:

  • Surrey's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub - 0300 470 9100
  • Police - 999 in an emergency or 101 for less urgent concerns

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